Multiple Teams · Foster Athletics Teams Up With

Foster High School Athletics has teamed up with to provide custom online software to ALL student-athletes to assist in tracking their progress towards meeting NCAA initial eligibility requirements. calculates your core course GPA for both the Division 1 and Division II levels, provides corresponding minimum SAT/ACT scores, and a detailed report of core course credits earned and needed.

One important note:  your NCAA Core GPA is different than the LCISD GPA reported on the transcript.  For complete information regarding Core Course GPA and SAT/ACT Scores, see the NCAA website here.

All Foster student-athletes are encouraged to activate their FREE membership to begin tracking their core course GPA and learn more about important recruiting topics.  The sooner, the better-every semester counts!


  • STEP 1: Go to
  • STEP 2: Click “Free New Member Account”
  • STEP 3: Enter 445856 in School ID and 707690051 in School Code
  • STEP 4: Complete Registration Form

Things you will need to obtain before registration: Get a copy of your unofficial transcript from your counselor, registrar, or coach! 

Talk to your coaches if you desire to play sports in college, so they can help you best prepare for potential competition at that level.  

For any and all questions, please contact Coach McDowell at or 832-223-3963.

For Complete Step-By-Step Directions, please click the link below: