Coed Varsity Wrestling, Girls Varsity Wrestling · A Wrestler’s Journey: Marisol’s Story

Last night, Marisol E. Romo competed for the last time in District 11- 5A, it wasn’t just another tournament for her. For those who did not know, Mary had injured her elbow right before the start of the season. Her doctor told her that her injury was so severe, that she would most likely never step foot on the mat again and if she did, it would be in the very far future.

Mary was completely devastated when she received the news. It was her senior year, and she was told she wouldn’t have any chance in competing this season. Everyone believed that she was done for good. Old news, washed up, and just another retired wrestler. However, with God’s strength, Mary made a full comeback.

She missed 4 entire months of competition and practice time, and yet she worked harder than ever just to have a chance to compete one last time. Her injury is nowhere near healed, but to her it’s more important to finish her senior year doing what she loves than living with regret that she never had another chance at Districts, Regional’s, or State.

For the past 3-weeks, she has worked and worked to get back to where she wants to be. Last night she made her full comeback by winning “District Champion” for the fourth time (which no one in the history of Foster HS has done before) and winning “Most Outstanding Female Wrestler 2019”!

She didn’t just win, she proved everyone wrong. That she would persevere and compete once again on the mat. Mary is just simply grateful to have the chance to compete one last time for Foster High School. A proud Foster Falcon, Protect the Nest!



We are all Foster Proud of you Marisol. Congratulations on your District win and good luck as you finish out your high school wrestling career!