Falcons News · LCISD Athletic Department Gold Track Parent Meeting: Wed, 8/7 at 6:00 pm. Football Parent Meeting Immediately Afterwards


The LCISD Athletic Department will be coming to our campus, Foster HS, on the Wednesday, August 8th at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria to do a 30 minute presentation focused on sportsmanship entitled “Be A Fan, Not a Fanatic”. The multimedia presentation will give parents and students an overview of the expectations we have for fans at LCISD Athletic events and showcases our own LCISD Athletes.

In addition, anyone who attends one of the sessions, may then stay to purchase discount Football Season Tickets, All-Sports Passes or Fan Punch Cards. This will be the only opportunity for our community to buy discount tickets or to buy these tickets on our campus. Anyone else interested in buying season tickets or passes should be directed to the LCISD Athletic Office.

A football parent meeting will immediately follow this meeting at 6:30 pm to go over the expectations for the 2019 season.