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Athletic Dept Info

Athletic Coordinator: Shaun McDowell

School Address:
4400 FM 723 Road
Richmond, TX 77406

Phone: (832) 223-3800
Fax: (832) 223-3801
Website: http://www.lcisd.org/campuses/fosterhs/home

Coach Directory:

Campus Coordinator

Name Position Email Extension
McDowell, Shaun Campus Coordinator semcdowell@lcisd.org 3963


Name Position Email Extension
Kizziah, Tiffany Head Men’s & Women’s Trainer tkizziah@lcisd.org 3970
Chandra Teague Assistant Men’s & Women’s Trainer chandra.teague@lcisd.org 3970


Name Position Email Extension
McDowell, Shaun Head Football Coach semcdowell@lcisd.org 3963
Hammond, Tristan Varsity Football thammond@lcisd.org 3972
Hanks, Shane Defensive Coordinator Football shanks@lcisd.org 3972
Tatum, Ryan Head JV Gold Football  rtatum@lcisd.org 3972
Idlebird, Jason Head JV White Football jidlebird@lcisd.org 3972
Jackson, Michael JV Gold Football mijackson@lcisd.org 3972
Johnson, Kenneth Offensive Coordinator-Football kjohnson@lcisd.org 3972
Lionberger, Scott Varsity Football wlionberger@lcisd.org 3972
Myers, Scott Freshmen Football stmyers@lcisd.org 3972
Rayome, Jeff Varsity Football jrayome@lcisd.org 3972
Ekanem, Nick Head JV White Football aekanem@lcisd.org 3972
Staff, Matt Freshmen Football mstaff@lcisd.org 3972
Tosch, Richard Freshmen Football rtosch@lcisd.org 3972
 Brooks, Brandon Head Freshmen Football bbrooks@lcisd.org 3972


Name Position Email Extension
Dumont, Morgan Head Volleyball Coach mdumont@lcisd.org 3957
Macek, Ashley JV Volleyball ashley.macek@lcisd.org 3966
Nancy Wood 9th Volleyball nwood02@lcisd.org 3966

Women’s Basketball

Name Position Email Extension
Williams-Smith, Nicole Head Basketball swsmith@lcisd.org 3957
Myers, Scott JV Basketball stmyers@lcisd.org 3957
Zatopek, Marki 9th Basketball mzatopek@lcisd.org 3957

Men’s Basketball

Name Position Email Extension
Fatheree, Reuben Head Basketball rfatheree@lcisd.org 3969
Henry, Brian Asst. Head/JV Basketball bhenry@lcisd.org 3969
Idlebird, Jason Sophomore Basketball jidlebird@lcisd.org 3969
Ekanem, Nick 9th Basketball aekanem@lcisd.org 3969
Brooks, Brandon  9th Basketball bbrooks@lcisd.org  3969


Name Position Email Extension
Shuler, Keely Head Women’s Softball kshuler@lcisd.org 3966
Johnson, Kenneth JV Softball kjohnson@lcisd.org 3969
Zatopek, Marki Asst. Head Softball mzatopek@lcisd.org 3966


Name Position Email Extension
Tosch, Richard Head Men’s Baseball rtosch@lcisd.org 3972
Bristol, Timothy Asst. Varsity Baseball tbristol@lcisd.org 3972
Tristan Hammond JV Baseball thammond@lcisd.org 3972
Kevin Tinnin Sophomore Baseball ktinnin@lcisd.org 3972
Brett Velliquette Asst. Varsity Baseball bvelliquette@lcisd.org 3972

Women’s Track

Name Position Email Extension
Lionberger, Scott Head Women’s Track wlionberger@lcisd.org  3972

Men’s Track

Name Position Email Extension
Tatum, Ryan Head Men’s Track rtatum@lcisd.org  3972

Cross Country

Name Position Email Extension
Henry, Brian Cross Country-Boys bhenry@lcisd.org 3972
Yeager, Julie Cross Country-Girls jyeager@lcisd.org 3972

Women’s Soccer

Name Position Email Extension
Wilmot, Sabrina Head Women’s Soccer swilmot@lcisd.org 3973
White, Allison JV Women’s Soccer awhite@lcisd.org 3972

Men’s Soccer

Name Position Email Extension
DeStefano, Robert Head Men’s Soccer rdestefano@lcisd.org 3972
Staff, Matt JV Men’s Soccer mstaff@lcisd.org 3972


Name Position Email Extension
Ario, Arron Head Men’s & Women’s Tennis aario@lcisd.org 3973
Posadas, Donald JV Men’s & Women’s Tennis donald.posadas@lcisd.org 3973


Name Position Email Extension
Henning, Greg Head Men’s & Women’s Golf ghenning@lcisd.org 3968

Swimming and Diving

Name Position Email Extension
Slay, Scott Head Men’s and Women’s Swimming cslay@lcisd.org 3577
Regetz, Emily  Asst. Swimming eregetz@lcisd.org 3577


Name Position Email Extension
 Rayome, Jeff  Head Wrestling  jrayome@lcisd.org  3972